Comprehensive Lawn Sprinkler Service in Tyler, TX

Don’t let your neighbors beat you out of the Best-Kept Lawn award again this year. Have your sprinkler system repaired and maintained by a reputable irrigation company.

Common sprinkler head issues:

  • Clogged sprinkler head
  • Broken sprinkler head
  • Uneven spray pattern
  • Stuck valve
  • Leaking

Common sprinkler head solutions:

  • Remove dirt or debris
  • Replace sprinkler head
  • Lift and level sprinkler head
  • Clear blockage
  • Replace sprinkler head cap

Those yellow or brown spots are a sign that your irrigation system is overwatering or underwatering particular areas in your yard. It’s quite possible you’ve got one or more damaged sprinkler heads, preventing your lawn from being watered uniformly.

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If you had the time and expertise to diagnose and repair your sprinkler system, you probably wouldn’t be here.

Call Serrano Irrigation today. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair your irrigation issues and get you back in the running for Best-Kept Lawn lickety-split.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair in Tyler, TX

You’ve been back and forth to Home Depot more times than you can count. And you still don’t have the right valve repair part.

It’s not giving up. It’s getting it done.

When you call Serrano Irrigation, a lawn sprinkler specialist will come to your home or office prepared—with the parts, tools, and knowledge needed to repair your sprinkler system.

Get it done and get back to your weekend with one call to Serrano Irrigation, your lawn sprinkler experts.

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More Than Simply Sprinkler Repair

You like to take care of problems before they present themselves. Maintaining your lawn irrigation system is no exception.

Keep your sprinkler system in tip-top shape—like over 160 of your East Texas neighbors—with routine maintenance services from Serrano Irrigation.

Our lawn sprinkler start-up service includes a 15-point inspection to ensure your sprinkler system is in optimal condition for the upcoming watering season.

With our lawn sprinkler start-up service, you can rest assured that your sprinkler system is ready to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant all summer long.

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