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Our crew can install and repair irrigation systems to keep your lawn and landscape hydrated. We also design drainage solutions to shuttle water away when it rains too much, keeping your lawn vibrant and beautiful all year long.

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Irrigation System Installation & Sprinkler Repair in Tyler, TX

More Than Just an Irrigation Company in Tyler, TX

Let your yard be the spotlight of the neighborhood day or night with sprinkler system installation and repair, drainage solutions, and landscape lighting from Serrano Irrigation.

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Irrigation Installation

Your lawn is looking thirsty, but you don’t have the time or energy to hover over it with a water hose or to move a hose-end sprinkler hither and yon. Conserve water and save time and money with an irrigation system designed and installed by the professionals at Serrano Irrigation.

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Sprinkler System Repair

One broken sprinkler head can wreak havoc on your lawn because one broken sprinkler head can keep your irrigation system from watering evenly and efficiently, wasting water and raising your water bill. When you need your sprinkler system repaired or maintained, call Serrano Irrigation.

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Drainage Solutions

It hasn’t rained in weeks. Then the first downpour floods an entire area of your yard, and water is threatening to seep beneath your foundation. You need a solution to your drainage problem now. Serrano Irrigation has the expertise and experience to evaluate your situation and develop a long-term solution.

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Landscape Lighting

Lighting isn’t just a lovely addition to your landscape. It is also a security and a safety feature. Well-lit homes are less likely than their darker neighbors to be burglarized. Landscape lighting can also prevent serious injury by lighting up trip hazards such as steps or tree roots.

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Why the Professionals at Serrano Irrigation?

Your home is a major investment. Protect your investment with sprinkler system services, drainage solutions, and landscape lighting from Serrano Irrigation.

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Make your neighbors jealous with the most lush lawn on the block. Gloat just a little. Then, give them our card.

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Watering Lawns to Grow Relationships

Serrano Irrigation offers repair, installation, and maintenance of sprinkler systems, drainage solutions, and outdoor lighting to safeguard your home's foundation and your security and safety.

We’re People People

We grow grass because we thrive on growing relationships. We want to grow a relationship with you by looking out for your safety, security, and happiness and then by standing with you before, during, and after the installation of your irrigation system, drainage solution, or landscape lighting.

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