In-Ground Sprinkler Systems in Tyler, TX

Are yellow or brown spots in your lawn making you sing the blues? If your irrigation system wasn’t designed and installed correctly, you may be over-watering some areas of your lawn and under-watering others.

Serrano Irrigation is your professional irrigation system installer in the East Texas area. We take great pride in using our knowledge of slope, soil, and sun to design a sprinkler system that meets the needs of every zone in your yard.

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Save Water

If you’re still watering by hand or, worse, setting out a hose-end sprinkler, you’re wasting water. An irrigation system designed and installed by Serrano Irrigation will disperse the right amount of water for the right length of time at the right time.

Save Money

If you are overwatering your lawn, you’re washing money down the drain. Watch your water bill go down next summer with a new irrigation system designed and installed by Serrano Irrigation.

Save Time

Don’t waste time with a hose-end sprinkler or an outdated irrigation system. Smart sprinkler timers sync to your local weather forecast to water only when it’s needed.

You can control your sprinkler timer from anywhere in the world. That’s remote control!


An Irrigation Company You Can Trust

Don’t Get Scammed

With inflation on the rise, some scam artists, posing as professional contractors, are taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. Some simply take their money and run. Others do shoddy work and then disappear.

You can trust Serrano Irrigation to not only complete your irrigation system correctly but to also stay in close contact after the installation to ensure it is working effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Six-Month Limited Warranty

At Serrano Irrigation, we want to develop lasting relationships with our customers. So we take great pride in offering a 6-month limited warranty on parts and workmanship on all of our new sprinkler installations.

If any defect in parts or workmanship is found in the 6 months following your sprinkler installation, we’ll come back and fix it at no charge to you.

Full-Service Lawn Irrigation Company in Tyler, TX

Whether you’re a homeowner, general contractor, or business owner, Serrano Irrigation can handle your irrigation installation needs. We can design and install a sprinkler system for your individual yard, an entire subdivision, or a commercial property.

When you’re ready to save water, money, and time, turn to Serrano Irrigation to install your new sprinkler system. We have successfully completed over 30 irrigation systems in the East Texas area with exceptional results. Let us add you to our list of delighted customers.

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