The Seed of a Service Company

We are Eduardo and Lucero Serrano, the Serrano in Serrano Irrigation. In 2021, we thought about our strengths and talents as well as the current market for irrigation services and decided to take a huge leap of faith into the irrigation industry.

Cultivating the Seed

I registered for classes to become a licensed irrigation technician and found I really enjoyed the problem-solving parts of the business.

It’s not just laying pipe and attaching sprinkler heads.

It’s a lot-sized puzzle to be solved, and requires taking numerous variables into consideration: slope, soil, sun, shade, vegetation, materials, equipment, and more.

Watering the Seed

Once I had become a licensed irrigator, I discovered that solving residential and commercial drainage problems was equally satisfying, so we expanded our services to include drainage solutions and, finally, low-voltage landscape lighting.

Watching It Grow

I love the satisfaction of a job well done, especially when I’ve solved serious problems for my customers.

I particularly enjoy the customer-facing aspect of my job because I get the opportunity to build relationships with lots of different people.

On many occasions when we’ve been called to make emergency repairs, we’ve wound up upgrading existing sprinkler controllers and setting up our new customers with ongoing maintenance services.

Reaping the Harvest

That’s the power of relationships: treat people right by installing high-quality products and providing exceptional customer service, and they’ll treat you right in return.

We hope you’ll give Serrano Irrigation an opportunity to build a relationship with you. Call us when you need repairs to your existing sprinkler system, a new irrigation system, drainage solutions, or landscape lighting.

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