Landscape Light Installers in Tyler, TX

Light up the night with outdoor lighting in Tyler, TX. There are plenty of reasons why.


Get to your destination safely. Being able to see where you’re walking during the twilight hours is important to prevent falls and other accidents. Keep your family safe with landscape lighting around driveways and sidewalks.


Prevent burglars or vandals from targeting your home. Studies show that criminals are less likely to set their sights on a home that is brightly lit. Ensure your family’s safety and security with outdoor lighting.


Make use of your outdoor living spaces even after dark. You enjoy spending time in your beautiful backyard during daylight hours. Extend the time you can spend outdoors with landscape lighting.

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Highlight the grandeur of your home or the exquisite beauty of your landscape design with lighting that complements your home and its surroundings.

The nightscape designers at Serrano Irrigation can help you envision how outdoor landscape lighting can enhance the safety, security, functionality, and beauty of your home.

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Specializing in Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Your mother-in-law refuses to visit after dark because she’s worried she’ll trip and fall on a dimly lit driveway or sidewalk.

If you’re under 40, you may not even notice how obscure that rock or root is in the evening or after dark. But if you’re in your twilight years, you know that outdoor lighting can be the difference between reaching your destination safely or breaking a hip or knee.

Keep yourself, your family, and your guests safe in the evening hours. Have Serrano Irrigation design and install an outdoor lighting solution for the outdoor areas of your home.

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Everyman’s Outdoor Lighting Company in Tyler, TX

Outdoor lighting isn’t only for the rich and famous. Serrano Irrigation makes landscape lighting attainable for everyone because everyone deserves to enjoy the safety, security, functionality, and beauty of their own home.

Call to schedule an on-site assessment of your outdoor lighting needs. A landscape lighting specialist will walk with you through your property to see where and why you might need more light. Then we will design a landscape lighting package to illuminate your life after dark.